America in the Vietnam War Essay

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Hist 1011 | The Empire Strikes Out: Vietnam | Block 2 essay | | 705102 (Keorapetse Molete) | 5/13/2012 | Keorapetse Molete (705102); Sarah Delius (Group L) | America during the sixties (1960s) and seventies (1970s) was a global powerhouse. It’s involvement in the Vietnam War was of great significance locally as well as globally. America had entered the civil war between North and South Vietnam, against the communist North Vietnam. The presented quote states that America’s image was tarnished and this refers to the international environment looking at America as extreme and unnecessary aggressors (bullies). The extent to which this quote is true will be discussed in detail, critically. America lost this war and this essay will argue that this was, in fact, one of the most difficult military and foreign experiences in American history. This essay will explain the details of how and why America was placed in this uncomfortable position in reference to the military, local divisions (the “deeply divided” nation had several internal divisions including that of pro and anti-war), foreign policies as well as their foreign image. This essay will only focus on the period 1961-1975 (which is still a long, highly eventful period in American and global history). The essay will show how America was more deeply divided that at any time since the Civil War (which had been between the North and South of America) and argue for the truth of the presented quote. “Anti-communism was the principal reason for United States involvement in Vietnam”. During this Cold War (a period of ideological struggle between the United States (US) and United Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR)) the US government could not simply use the threat of communism any longer to justify all their actions, according to many anti-war Americans. America had a containment policy that was aimed at

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