America Failing Economy

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There are specific times throughout the history of America, from our beginning in 1776, to the Gulf Wars, when, as a nation, we have been fearful of the very real threats and imminent dangers that accompany a territorial war. War often means death, division of a country, thousands or more people physically and mentally lost in the chaos of violence. However, what happens to a nation that faces a threat of a different kind? It's collapse caused by a failing economy, a failing government. Although their candidacies were more than six decades apart, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and President Barack Obama used the decline of the American and world-wide economy to pull citizen together to help each other on a united front. Each President, in…show more content…
Nation debt reached an all time high in the trillions, American jobs were being outsourced and the stock market was at a record low. Americans were afraid. Afraid that our weakness would be seen by our adversaries as an opening to attack. The nation was in dire need of not only a president, but a leader. One who understood the problems the average American was facing. During his Welcoming Remarks speech to the United Kingdom's Prime Minister Cameron, he spoke about Americans uniting to make this country and other countries around the world a better place to keep the world safe from those who seek to destroy it. (Obama, 2009). President Obama aimed his campaign towards hope and change for the American people. Freedom from fear has not changed over the course of history. Both President Obama and Roosevelt have used fear to unite the citizens and secure freedom. President Roosevelt spoke about securing our own country from those who seek to destroy it. President Obama spoke to unify our efforts as a country to support freedom all over the world. Freedom from fear clearly has not changed over the course of recent history; and will presumably be used by leaders in the future to unite the
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