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America was built from freedom seekers and the desire to build a better life. Americans are hard workers with determination and focus; they are diverse and they welcome all that are searching for a place to be who they are; they are patriotic and defend their country with great pride. Many people have their own personal definition of what an American is, but they all derive from these three ideas. President Obama and Senator John McCain both have love for their country and its people. President Obama states that being an American means to have loyalty, not only to the country, but also to its ideas. To be an American means to stand up to injustices that are witnessed, and to make a change for the better. Obama’s views on what it means to be an American ties to the idea that Americans are patriotic, because he believes that the citizens of America should be loyal to their country. That being said, this also implies that Americans should be loyal to the notion that America is a very just country. Senator McCain believes being an American means to be an active member of the community, to serve in the military, and to help defend the country and its people. This perspective by McCain supports the idea that to be an American you should defend your country with great pride. Both President Obama and Senator McCain are powerful political leaders in America and they both stand by the ideas that Americans should be proud of their country and the constitutions in which it was built upon. “I Hear America Singing” is a poem that express the value of being an American. In this poem, Whitman writes “I hear America singing, the varied carols I hear… each one singing his as it should be blithe and strong.” By this, Whitman is explaining that although each American plays a unique role in their country, they all do so with the same joyfulness and pride. This links to the belief

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