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America at War: World War I Sgt. York In the French village of Chatel-Chehery stands a memorial that describes the exploits of one of America's World War I soldiers. "Armed with a rifle and pistol," the monument reads, "...he silenced a German battalion of 35 machine guns, killed 25 enemy soldiers, and captured 132." The soldier’s name was Alvin Cullum York. He was born in a one-room log cabin in rural Fentress County, in the Cumberland Mountains of northern Tennessee. Even today, his hometown of Pall Mall has only a single paved road. The third of 11 children, his father died when he was a boy. When he was 27, York abandoned his hard-drinking, brawling ways and joined a fundamentalist church. A pacifist and a church elder, he registered for the…show more content…
As the car came to a halt and tried to turn around, a nervous teenager approached from a coffee house, pulled out a revolver, and shot twice. Within an hour, the Archduke and his wife were dead. Gavrilo Princip, the 19-year-old assassin, was a Bosnian nationalist who opposed the domination of the Balkans by the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He had received his weapon from a secret society known as the "Black Hand," which was clandestinely controlled by the government of Serbia. Princip died of mistreatment in an Austrian prison in 1918. The assassination provoked outrage in Austria-Hungary. The dual monarchy wanted to punish Serbia for the assassination and to intimidate other minority groups whose struggles for independence threatened the empire's stability. The assassination of the archduke triggered a series of events that would lead, five weeks later, to the outbreak of World War I. When the conflict was over, between 9 and 15 million people had been killed, four powerful European empires had been overthrown, and the seeds of World War II and the Cold War had been

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