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America at War Woodrow Wilson went to congress to seek a declaration of war against Germany by saying that it would be made safe for democracy. After a couple of days congress voted to declare war. " Make the world safe for democracy," came from the United States wanting a democracy where people governed themselves and pretty much left the rest of the world alone. We also expected the rest of the world to leave us alone. Woodrow Wilson said the United States entered World War I to make the world safe for democracy, but to safeguard American economic interest. The United States was officially neutral, economic interest in the United States were actively taking part in war ( selling to allies, loaning money to Britain) which because they used United States flagged merchant ships traveling through and expressed war some where placing American neutrality in danger. The actions of American economic interests behaved in a way that endangered American vital interests, but that does not mean when the United States actually entered the war that the goals were anything less than what they started to be. When a " super power" or a dictator appears on the scene, you have countries that won't leave other countries alone. In World War II you had Germany trying to take over Europe. The world isn't safe for anyone when you have powerful nations that are willing to start wars. The Vietnam War showed that America had a weakness. The American Army was nothing compared to a relatively poor country, and it showed, instead if showing America what government they needed, they made many others angry, because of all the young men going over and drying for their country. Their leader just wasn't truly fit for the job. The Vietnam War was the longest war in the 20th century. The Korean War is usually the one that is forgotten. The war was important both geographically and politically.

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