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Elia Kazan, one of the greatest American filmmakers, adapts to the screen his own novel “America America” which is based on his uncle's life. The film captures the immigrant experience in an authentic yet carefully self-conscious way. Instead of focusing on what happens when our protagonist arrives in America, it tracks his tumultuous journey and escape from his homeland. It is a tribute to the struggles and desperate efforts of the countless trying to flee their homeland, carrying with them the fate of their family. At the start of the film, Stavros is a Greek living in Turkey where Greeks and Armenians are oppressed. Stavros dreams of going to America. His father Issac (Harry Davis) eventually entrusts him with the families few valuables including money, rugs, meat and jewelry. Issac tells Stavros to travel to Constantinople and meet with his cousin who owns a carpet business. Once there, he can make enough money to slowly transport the rest of his family to the city one by one. His subsequent experiences are arduous and plentiful. He deals with a number of hardships including theft, betrothals, hard labor, affairs and poverty. By the time the film ends, we understand that America was not simply a place that represented prospects. It was a place of importance because it was an alternative to the often harsh realities the immigrants came from. Hardships certainly existed in America too, but Stavros (and the film) is not concerned about what happens once he arrives; all the importance is placed on what it takes to get there. It is a universal story, an epic one, and a great motion picture too, perhaps one of the best movies I have ever seen. Even if the movie is somehow long (Nearly three hours in length), the viewer does not feel bored with it, as it carries interesting scenes based on personal experience.The scene that took my attention is the one where we have

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