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Why was there Immigration to the USA from 1890 onwards? Rhianna Lowings There were many reasons as to why mass immigration occurred in America from the 1890’s onwards. For example in 1900 there was a surge of immigrants entering the USA, after being forced to leave their country due to either both political and religious persecution, or for the fear of an economic collapse, that could arouse other difficult situations for the citizens such as famine or poverty. An example of this would be the Jews escaping from the Russian Empire, as the Tsar indoctrinated the process of Russification, in which the Jews were forced to leave there Jewish culture and promote the life of a true Russian. Other push factors included scenarios such as extreme weather conditions – in which landowners and farmers lost profit due to harsh conditions for their production lines – and the Industrial Revolution – in which workers were newly seen as unnecessary due to the introduction of heavy machinery. This is why the image of the American Society became so appealing to those suffering the hardships in other various countries. America became known as the land of the new and free, in which an ‘Open Door Policy’ was used to promote the country’s positive view towards equality, a view which saw everyone to have the ability to live the American dream if they worked for it. America was the country of democracy, in which ensured everyone their own voice, not to be looked upon as subjects, but to be humanised as a citizen of the Unites States. A place where services such as health care, housing, and business prospects were respectively supplied and provided naturally, they were not to be earned. Furthermore not only did America promise religious tolerance and a chance to practice their own faiths safely, but it provided ample job opportunities in manual labour, such as farm work and cotton

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