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America, the Land of the Free? America is known, to many, as "The Land of the Free, the Home of the Brave." Whether it deserves to be known as the “Land of the Free,” however, has received too little attention. The term freedom falls into two categories: “Freedom from” and “Freedom to.” The freedom “to do” is easier to understand because living in a free democratic republic; citizens are not fully controlled by the government. America says anyone has the freedom to work a job of their choosing, get advanced degrees, marry those we choose, etc. In the end, for the most part, Americans get to choose their “freedoms to do.” Understanding “freedom from” is not necessarily as clear. The concept may be clear, but clarity to prove Americans have the “freedom from” is much more complex. America is a growing nation and through time, it has witnessed both types of freedoms grow. However, our freedoms have grown and may be construed as continuously growing, but America is not the “land of the free” as it claims. Some believe the democratic system of the United States allows all to be treated equally, regardless of social or economic status, but in actuality it does not. Influences from media outlets, such as television shows and movies, makes it entirely understandable that people would associate the idea of America with a better life. However, the common misconception is that the media portrays American lifestyles correctly. Also, third world countries envy the freedom of expression that Americans have, and by immigrating to America, they will break away from their bindings of their respective cultures. Contrary to popular belief, that is not true because those who go against the norms will be unable to succeed in life. Third world countries mistakenly see America as the land of the free because of America’s hidden discrepancies of the definition of the term free. An

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