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Rianna Mr. Jaffe 16 November 2009 Critical Response to Allen Ginsberg’s “America” America in the 1950’s was nothing like the America we are presented with today. World War 2 just ended and men were coming back to their families, Americans began buying goods not available during the war, which created corporate expansion and jobs, segregation was enforced. Growth was everywhere and the baby boom was in progress. America today is in war and America doesn’t even know it. The economy is not its best while the unemployment rate is going up. In Allen Ginsberg’s poem, America has a reoccurring theme of discrimination. America is portrayed as a judgmental country that’s always has some sort of trouble. He points out all of America’s faults which had one’s mind questioning what is appealing about America. In the 1950’s Conformity was common throughout America; individual's attitudes, beliefs, and actions were influenced by other people and their ideas of other social groups. Discrimination was a great obstacle that America had to overcome. There are many examples of discrimination America faced. Segregation was one of them. Black and whites had to get along. In Allen Ginsberg’s poem he says,” America I am Scottsboro boys.”(59) Which refers to the case of the Scottsboro boys were a group of black males accused of raping two white women. This all happened because the group of black boys had whistled at young ladies in front of white males who did not approve of the flirtatious act. The hate that racial groups had for each other in America was shameful. America had opportunities which could be overlooked because the country was being torn apart by racial profiling. Compared to America in the 50’s, the racial tension has come a long way from discrimination to acceptance

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