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In terms of philosophy, consciousness is defined as the relationship between mind and its body (world). However, the ideas stated by different philosopher have still not proven the actual meaning of consciousness itself. In addition, there are different meaning presented by different philosophers as awareness, capability of doing something or the perceiving of things. Consciousness has been analyzing for decades and people had concluded different perceptions of this term. However, there is a still question being asked by people that what is consciousness? And how we analyze its physical states? In modernism, philosophers have analyzed consciousness very precisely and closely. However, there ideas differ from each other. By looking at the ideas presented by these philosophers, we will analyze their theories and elaborate the meanings of consciousness, moreover, seeing the parts or kinds of being conscious according to these modern philosophers. Sigmund Freud, also known as the father of psychoanalysis, is one of the modern philosophers who had a great impact on society regarding consciousness or his philosophy of mind. The psychoanalytical theory presented by Freud is quite complex or how our personality is developed or what the structural parts are which makes a person conscious. He believes that we are born with our id. According to him, it is a very crucial element of our consciousness experiences because as newborn, it allows us to get our basic needs met. In other words, the id wants whatever it feels good at the time, with no consideration for the reality of situation. For instance, when baby feels hunger, he/she cries, in other words, the id requires food which makes that baby to cry. In addition, the id speaks up until it needs are met. Within the next three years when a baby interacts with the world, the second part of consciousness developed which is

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