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Gisella Gomez American studies p:2 10/4/12 PRESENDENTIAL DEBATE Romney: "No question in my mind, if the president is re-elected you will see a middle class squeeze ... You will see chronic unemployment -- 43 straight months with unemployment above 8 percent." Romney: "The president said he would cut the deficit in half. Unfortunately, he doubled it. Trillion dollar deficits for the last four years." Romney: "Look, I have five boys; I'm used to people saying something that isn't always true and keep on saying it hoping ultimately I will believe it. That is not the case." Obama: “But we all know we’ve still have a lot of work to do.” Obama: “I have a different view I think we should invest in education and training and more sources of energy here in America make sure we are helping small businesses here in America.” Obama: “make sure to keep tuition low for our young people.” What Romney said that if the president Obama was re-elected president you would see the middle class squeeze will I think that this might be true if the president choose to raise the taxes. Obama this year he did lower the taxes rate but not by a lot. What I think is meaningful from this quote is when he said “43 straight months with unemployment above 8%,”so many people are not going to have money and are going to be suffering in the economy because they couldn’t find a job. Romney said that Obama said that he would cut the deficit in half but he didn’t instead he doubled it will this would take money away from the people and we would receive less money. I think he should not be doing this. He said he would and he didn’t do I think it would have been better if he did cut the deficit in half instead of raising it. What I think is important from this quote is that he doubled it to trillion dollars deficits for that last four years. If he is re-elected maybe he would do the same and
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