Amdeo Avogadro Essay

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The Wonderful life of Amedeo Avogadro Early Life: Amdeo Avogadro was born Lorenzo Romano Amedeo Carlo Avogadro de Quaregna e di Cerreto in the capital city Turin sometime in 1776.His father was Filippo Avogadro, conte di Quaregna e Cerreto a well know lawyer. Following his dad’s footsteps he studied law. He went to college when he was only thirteen. Then graduated when he was sixteen and had his doctorate by the time he was twenty in 1796. While practicing law he became interested in philosophy and math. As he grew older his hobby became a major part of his life. Then Avogadro final gave up law and decided to teach. Avogadro took up a job teaching math and physics at a small college nearby. He was well liked by his student and took up a happy marriage which produced six sons. In his spare time he enjoyed reading. Hypothesis: Avogadro is simply remembered for his molecular hypothesis he stated in 1811. Avogadro stated that all gasses, simple or complex, contain the same number of molecules under the same conditions of temperature and pressure. (It is called Avogadro's Principle.) And with this hypothesis he used it to explain Joseph-Louis Gay-Lussac’s law of combining volumes of gases. (It stated that when two gasses react together to form different products, the volumes of the reactants and the products (if they are all still gasses) are all whole numbers. This was called the Law of Combining Volumes.) It was by assuming that the fundamental units of elementary gases may actually divide during chemical reactions. This allowed them to be able to calculate gas. Avogadro used hydrogen gas which this relationship was born.* Weight of 1 volume of gas or vapor/Weight of 1 volume of hydrogen= Weight of 1 molecule of gas or vapor/weight of 1 molecule of hydrogen* Avogadro also applied his hypothesis to metals and gave atomic weights to 17 metallic elements based upon
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