Ambush By Tim O Brien Character Analysis Essay

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The Thing They Carried The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brian is a book about soldiers carrying mental and physical things during the war. In the chapter, “Ambush,” Tim O’Brian mentally carries guilt. His guilt is that he killed someone without thinking. Every soldier has some kind of memory, guilt or burden during the war. During the war, every soldier in the platoon had some kind of memory. An example of how this is shown is Lieutenant Jimmy Cross always used to carry a small little pebble in his mouth. He would always remember Martha during the war; it was his good luck charm. “A dark theater, he remembered, and the movie was Bonnie and Clyde, and Martha wore a tweed skirt…but he would always remember the feel of the tweed skirt and the…show more content…
When the war is going on Lieutenant Cross starts to think of Martha and because of that Ted Lavender dies. After Ted Lavender gets shot he still thinks about Martha. “He felt shame. He hated himself. He loved Martha more than his men, and as a consequence Lavender was now dead, and this was something he would have to carry like a stone in his stomach for the rest of the war,” (16). This quote shows that Lieutenant Cross felt guilty after Lavender died. He couldn’t focus on the war because of Martha. Another example shows how Tim O’Brian felt about killing the innocent guy on the trail. He couldn’t tell if that was an enemy or not so he throws a grenade without him even realizing that he is throwing it. “I did not hear it… the young man dropped his weapon and began to run, just two or three quick steps, then hesitated, swiveling to his right, and he glanced down at the grenade and tried to cover his head but never did. It occurred to me then that he was about to die. I wanted to warn him,” (133). This quote is a perfect example of Tim O’Brian’s guilt within himself because the thought of warning the Vietnamese soldier might have saved his life which kept on running through Tim O’Brian’s mind. Afterwards O’Brian thinks back to himself thinking that what if the things were reversed, what would’ve the guy
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