Ambitious Lady Macbeth

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Ambitious Lady Macbeth In the play Macbeth by Shakespeare, the character Lady Macbeth displays an immense ambition. The primary example of her ambitious behaviour is presented in the process of murdering the king. At the beginning, the weird sisters prophesized Macbeth would be the king, but the means of how this would become was never mentioned until Lady Macbeth is introduced. In the scene where she makes her first appearance to the audience, she is talking in soliloquy, showing her concern regarding the lack of “illness should attend” (1.5, 19) of her husband. This statement demonstrates her burning desire to become the Scotland queen and the determination to accomplish it with any cost. Also, she shows her ambitious behaviour by manipulating her husband into processing the deed, when Macbeth feels concerned and rather afraid about the negatively potential consequences of the murder. She questions his manhood and also threatens him with a shocking image: “dash’d the brains [of my baby] out, had I so sworn” (1.7, 58). Another example presenting her firmness in pursuing her ambition is her decision to not directly get involved in processing the murder. After all, she is a woman and a mother who is used to taking care people rather than taking people’s lives as she states: “Had he not resembled/ My father as he slept, I had done’t” (2.2, 12-13). This statement also displays some of her moral values; however, as affected by her ambition, she forces herself to place whatever values, morals and ethical judgment in abeyance. In conclusion, Lady Macbeth demonstrates how ambitious she is by showing a high level of firmness in pursuing her ambition regardless what the outcome might

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