Ambition or not? Essay

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Living style mainly depends on an individual’s characteristic. Some people argue that young people should pursue a specific ambition in their lives. However, others may treat their lives in a traditional way with no big aim. The essay will discuss both sides of the argument. There is no doubt that some remarkable young people always have a variety of ambition. This clearly shows that if they achieve something in their lives, their talent will be recognized by the community and society. For example, a dream of being a manager of a multi-national company is always attracted by students at the early stage of their careers. Many athletes in the world often have a significant aspiration to win an Olympic medal. In fact, youngsters have a willing to challenge different things in order to gain their experiences, respecting and confidence. However, many traditional adolescents often prefer a stable live without ambition. Those do not have a particular ambition because they do not want to have any change in their lives. Certainly, some of those would have some struggles with alternative living style. Therefore, they happily save the whole lives for a company at the same position and wage. It is obviously that they have a successful life even they are not ambitious. To sum up, it is certainly that young people should be ambitious because an ambition will help them to approach the achievements in their lives. However, if others may feel their lives are already comfortable and enjoyable, they also have successful

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