Ambiguity In The Scarlet Letter

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Lastly, ambiguity is again displayed; the scene where Dimmesdale confesses to the Puritans that he is the father of Hester’s child. During this scene he confesses and reveals his chest hastily to the public, possibly revealing something physical to the crowd. After this event occurs, many rumors are discussed but no straight answers of what exactly were on his chest, if anything, was given from the author. The confusion was made for the reader to think what was more likely. During the story Dimmesdale has made references to his chest numerously. He often clutched his chest as if in pain or by habit. This could’ve meant that there was actually some kind of self inflicted stigma upon his chest. “…The young minister…. [was] holding his hand over his heart, as was his custom whenever he peculiarly nervous temperament was thrown into agitation.” His chest was also…show more content…
Roger Chillingworth was shown to be ambiguous because he was first described as a vengeful horrifyingly natured person, yet shows glimpses of human characteristics, such as assisting Hester and her child in the beginning and leaving everything he left behind after his death to little Pearl. Another example of ambiguity was Hester Prynne, because she at first is someone a reader could pity, then she becomes a cold person with no sense of feeling, then later to a sympathetic fortunate woman. Finally, Dimmesdale’s revelation of his chest marks the last questionable situation. He could have had something physical on his chest because he has always shown pain in that area, Chillingworth acted as if he found something on his chest while the minister was fast asleep, and it would be most likely that Dimmesdale only revealed his chest to the Puritans if they could observe anything significant on his
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