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I. Intro Imagine you are a mother of a nine year old girl and you brought her to a park to play, and before you know it she is gone. You ask around to see if anyone has seen her and a lady says she got into a truck with a man. One call to the police will send out an AMBER alert with the description of the man and vehicle to TV’s, radios, cell phones and highway AMBER alert screens. (Story, imagine if.) II. Amber Hagerman A. Abducted from Arlington Texas in 1996. B. Wikipedia. “AMBER alert.” (19 Apr. 2008) C. She was riding her bike around the neighborhood when her Grandparents couldn’t find her. A neighbor said she heard a scream and saw a man throw Amber into a truck. Tv’s and radios covered the story, but four days later her body was found in a drainage ditch with her throat cut. Her murder still remains unsolved. III. How AMBER alert got started A. Stands for, “Americas missing; Broadcast emergency response.” B. “About Amber Hagerman.” ( 3 Dec. 2000) C. Ambers and Jacob Wetterlings parents helped develop. D. March 28, 1996:The federal Amber Hagerman child protection act was introduced, which increases the prison sentence of sex offenders. It also helps track sex offenders faster and more efficiently. November 1998: 1st Amber alert issued for an eight-week old who was kidnapped by her babysitter, who took the baby to a crack house, 90-minutes after the alert was sent, someone spotted the vehicle. April 2003: Bush signs a law granting money to start alert programs and making guidelines to when an alert should be issued. IV. The AMBER alert now. A. AMBER alerts on TV, radio, cell phones and highway alert screens. ***Visual Aide*** B. Law enforcement must confirm that an abduction has taken place (this means someone had to witness the

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