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After studying The Orion Shield Project, you'll likely agree that Gary Allison has not done well as the Orion Shield R&D program manager. Your task is to identify and critically discuss the technical, ethical, legal, contractual and other project management related issues that he faced. There are difficulties in each of these areas.

Comment on where Gary has done well and where not. What would you have done differently if you were Gary, and why? (You may wish here to deal with the consequences that might have befallen Gary should he have acted as you would have wished.) Post your assignment (a paper in APA format with an executive summary) to the W2IA (Week 2 Individual Assignment) link in your Assignments Folder, as a .pdf file. Name your file W2IA-YourLastName.pdf. This assignment is due on Tuesday, 17 January 2012. Technical – * Requirement - -65F to 145F * Testing – Will not function above 130F * Test Matrix was not satisfactory results; none of the results were promising. Ethical – * Larsen told Gary to let the client know that it would work 155F * Workplace conflicts – Paula talking behind the back of Larson * Hendry told Gary to lie STI that they experimented the new material (JXB-3) with internal funds. Legal – * Breach of contract (Dishonesty – About F. ) * Using STI funds for new materials (page7) Contractual – * FFP (Firm Fixed Price) Contract therefore they cant ask for Additional Funding, therefore we need to be under our budget to create a profit for our company if not they need to do trade analysis. * Scope of work not defined clearly Project Management Issues – * Gary does not have a project management experience and he is leading a project * Hendry is pressuring him to be dishonest. * 1st hurdle staffing the employees, took little help from Hendry. * 2nd

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