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Comparing and contrasting a Feminist text with a Mass Media ext Course Title: Sex, Gender and Popular Culture Course Code: AP/WMST 1510 Student Number: 210987147 Student Name: Iman Mohamed Course Director: Allyson Mitchell Tutorial Leader: Merrick Pilling This essay will compare and contrast Naoko Takeuchi’s anime film Sailor Moon and the film adaptation of William Marston’s original comic Wonder Woman. It will be contrasting the heroines of both films, while Wonder Woman portrays the character of a strong, self-sufficient warrior who empowers with her pro-feminist messages and selfless battles against injustice, Sailor Moon shows a much weaker, more dependant, and most importantly, more male-sufficient character despite the popularity of her character amongst females. It will also be comparing some of the hegemonic and counter-hegemonic traits inherited by the male counterparts of both films. Sailor Moon is the story of a young girl named Serena, who finds out that she was sent to save the Earth along with four other Sailor Scouts, and she becomes Sailor Moon in the process, she must then fight multiple battles in the name of justice, but couldn’t help falling for Tuxedo Mask, the typical male archetype. Wonder Woman is about Diana, a warrior princess of the hidden Amazon Island that enters the modern world as a devoted warrior against all that is evil and unjust. Growing up without any male influence, just the harsh things her mother has taught her of male hierarchy and advantages, once she entered the modern world she instead meets with the tactless ignorance of the twenty-first century. Wonder Woman and Sailor Moon are both characters that attempt to empower young girls in some form or the next. While Wonder Woman leans towards female empowerment and fighting

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