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Amazon Evolution Temarya P. Jackson XBIS/219 May 20, 2012 Mr. Hann So Amazon Evolution Amazon is the largest online retailer with sales of $10 billion dollars. Over the years Amazon has not shown consistency of profit growth which its investors had expected. Their profits had fallen about 4.1 percent. From the article Google has taken over the online retail business. In 2007 Amazon had to revamp its online store, in which they are the largest and reliable in the nation. The three components services they use and they are Storage Services, Elastic Compute Cloud, and the Mechanical Tank. Storage Services stores the data, and its applications, Elastic Compute Cloud processes tasks related to storage backup, and Mechanical Tank combines processing power with networks. (Chapter 1 p.26) The data management issues that were encountered by Amazon were the needs to have more visibility and marketing during the internet in its entirety. Customers are haggard to marketing, and without proper marketing knowledge the company will not be able to obtain the selling or the earnings in which they are seeking to be successful. One other issues that may have been encountered is that Amazon only utilizes 10 percent of its dispensation ability, whereas if more of the dispensation ability was utilized then more commerce would have brought in more increase for the company’s profit. The relationship between data, information, and knowledge are they all go hand in hand. Data is the information collected that later becomes knowledge that comes from the information that is a solution from the data that was collected. Amazon addressed each by its huge quantity of data that it managed. Amazon had a higher database management system that they used to collect important data; they would also collect data that was later used to put that information into its database to keep track of all

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