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G-ASSIGNMENT 2: NON-PROFIT E-MARKETING CRITIQUE (50 POINTS) MKT 610: E-MARKETING DUE APRIL 15 Select a non-profit organization. There will be a sign-up sheet in class to choose organizations. No more than five students may write about the same topic. You might choose an organization in which you are involved, or maybe you want to study an organization that addresses an issue you care about. The organization may be local, national, or global. Situation Analysis (10 Points) Client Overview Describe the organization’s marketing mix. What are their key relationships? What is their geographic scope? What are their financial needs and how do they acquire funding? Include an assessment of how they are using the Web. Environmental Assessment Discuss any relevant technology or cultural trends, industry facts, competitors, legal/political, and economic matters that may affect the organization. Target Market Consider the target market from two perspectives: (1) populations served by the organization and (2) potential donors and/or volunteers who could help the organization deliver its services. Think about demographics, psychographics, Internet usage, and any other relevant characteristics of your target markets. Objectives (10 points) Based on the information gathered for your situation analysis, present three to five marketing-related objectives that you think the organization should set for the next 12 months. You can simply list these in a numbered or bulleted list. E-Marketing Analysis and Recommendations (20 Points) Overall Strategy Identify what you think are the most promising strategic decisions for this brand to achieve the objectives you identified. What are the most important areas for them to emphasize going forward, with respect to performing their mission and attracting support for that mission? Internet Strategy What is

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