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Amazon vs. Barnes & Noble Managing Organizational Change – Online Week 2 Course Project Companies to analyze: Amazon and Barnes & Noble One of the most major change today are electronics, America has found ways to complete everyday tasks with some sort of electronic device. It is actually amazing to people watch today, because almost every other person that you see has their cell phones in their hands. What a person can do on their cell phone is endless, we can talk, text, read and create email and even conduct our banking! It was once considered a luxury to have a cell phone, but today the cell phone has swept across the nation regardless of age. When a person visits the doctor’s office, bank or conducts any form of business most transactions are electronic, or able to be tracked electronically. With this movement of electronic devices hard back books have become affected and are slowly are becoming a thing of the past. One of the first eBooks was launched before anyone knew what impact the eBook would have. It was launched in 1998 by NuvoMedia and they called it “The Rocket eBook”. ¹ The price was around “Three hundred fifty dollars, and could only hold 50 books, it had a small 16MB of data”² and many publishers were just beginning to put their books into digital format so this was a slow process to get the publishers to join, because they were also concerned with copyrights. I first became interested in eBooks with the kindle app, I was part of the group that was kicking and screaming that I needed a hard copy book to hold and to be able to turn pages, boy was I wrong. When I bought my first kindle a few years back from Amazon I was hooked, I found a way to read my books very conviently. The kindle was slim so I could carry it into my purse and it did not take up much room. When I purchased

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