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The Growth of Amazon BIS/219 Business Information Systems April 7, 2010 Anantha Prasad The Growth of Amazon In a world in which it is possible to purchase just about anything online, it can be difficult to start and maintain a business selling goods online; without the proper business plan and (IT) infrastructure. Computer software, videos, CD’s, and books are common items to be sold online, and they are what made one of the leading online retailers today. started in 1994 and was founded by Jeff Bezos. Over a decade later is still growing strong and is out selling popular sites as Barns & and Selling more than just books and movies, the company started selling everything from jewelry and apparel to electronics and toys. would not be as successful as it is today without its (IT) infrastructure and easy to use one click website. In this paper I will discuss the competition and competency of, along with Amazons database management system and its connection with e-commerce and e-business of the website. When Jeff Bezos created over a decade ago, his primary goal was to revitalize e-commerce and the way people purchased books and media online. He wanted to become the largest online retailer, and in many ways he accomplished this successfully. initially was only an online bookstore, but over the past 15 years has become nothing less than a monstrous cybermall. Although many analysts are wondering if will ever fulfill its original promise to revolutionize online retailing. Despite being one of the largest online retailers, reaching annual sales of an excess of 10 billion dollars, has not shown consistent profit growth that analysts was expecting (Rainier & Turban, 2008). According to Rainier & Turban, by 2007 Amazon had

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