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The Amazing Spider-Man I chose the film The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) for movie review assignment. The series of “Spider-Man” is one of famous hero movie which is based on the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man. As many people have, I really have been expecting and waiting for The Amazing Spider-Man to release for a long time since I love hero films and I would listen to music of Marvel Entertainment. The film is a reboot of the Spider-man film franchise which is portraying the character’s origin story and his development into a superhero by being shot in 3D. The director of the music in the film is James Horner who wrote the score for the film. He has composed music for such movies as Aliens, Apollo 13, Titanic, and Avatar. As his recent scores have created for 3D movies, his recent scores have utilized the technological sound designs common in superhero movies as Spider-Man. The scores of The Amazing Spider-Man have never been heard before in the franchise but feature elements of traditional scoring; powerful and brassy scores provide the epic backdrop needed for a character, Spider-Man. Horner finds fresh 3-D dimensions in a score as the film is being shot in 3D film. Therefore, the music in the film is being “spectacular” which helps audiences to feel the 3D effects in fresh and realistic effect. Throughout the film, Horner gives dynamic theme through its orchestration especially by brassy sound. Horner’s brass signature is certainly apparent throughout the narrative but electronic percussion is also determinedly pattering to create listening impact when hero comes out to the world. When the film shows the montage of Peter’s becoming a Spider-Man, Horner uses fantasy score leading to a bit of worthy orchestral craziness. The scores of brass instruments such as trumpet have used to make fantasy sound which has usually used to be as a symphonic superhero score.

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