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Amazing Horses By: Hannah Waddle Horses are amazing animals. They are used for all sorts of things. They help with farm work; they can carry us places, and compete with us. Horses can be used for all sorts of sports. The Two main types of riding styles people use are English and western. In English riding, some main sports you can compete in are jumping, pleasure, and dressage. In western riding some other types of competitions are barrel racing, pole bending, flag race, reining, roping, and cutting. There are many more fun types of competitions than that. Some people like compete in trick or stunt riding. There are a couple differences between English and western Riding. The main difference is that an English saddle is lighter than a western saddle. English is also a more proper sport. There are more rules you need to know. In western riding, the saddle is heavier and has a horn on the front of it. The horn is used to dally the rope around it when roping cows. It can also be used for comfort, like using as an arm rest. The first horses were called Eohippus (E-oh-hip-puss). Eohippus means the dawn horse. Scientist believes that Eohippus first lived in the jungle. To develop this hypothesis they had found the corpse of an Eohippus preserved in mud. Even more interesting they next discovered that the Eohippus had pads on the bottom of their feet. Similar to what dogs have on their feet. Eohippus had four toes on their front feet and three on the back feet. Eohippuses have adapted a lot to look how they look to day. Miohippus (me-oh-hip-puss) is the next named evolved form after Eohippus. Miohippus were bigger and had longer legs than Eohippus. Unlike Eohippus, Miohippus only had three toes on each foot. The next evolved form of a horse is called a Tarpan. Tarpan was a swift and lightly built primitive horse that lived in Eastern Europe. Besides their rather large

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