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Amazing Grace Amazing Grace is a story of the campaign against slavery in 18th century Britain. The movies protagonist is abolitionist William Wilberforce. The movie begins with Wilberforce suffering from a severe illness. Telling a story, William flashes back in time, and recounts the plot which led him to his current state. In the beginning, he is shown as a young, popular member of the British parliament. This quickly changes however when with the persuasions of fellow parliament members, he begins to oppose the British slave trade. This leads him to become highly unpopular in the British parliament, particularly with members with monetary interest involved in the slave trade. Through his fight, Wilberforce becomes increasingly frustrated, as little lead way is made in his fight for change. This subsequently leads him to become physically ill, which brings the movie back to present time. Seeing himself as a failure, Wilberforce considers completely abandoning politics. However a woman by the name of Barbra Sooner, Williams’s future wife, insists Wilberforce to continue his fight, saying that no one else is capable of pressing on. William eventually marries Barbra, and her motivation appears to be one of Wilberforce’s main reasons of pressing forward with his fight against the British slave trade. With the help of several fellow abolitionists, including Henry Thorton, Wilberforce continues his campaign against the slave trade. For over twenty years, Wilberforce and others continue to press forward legislation against slavery. Finally in 1807, he is responsible for a slave trade bill being passed in parliament. This bill ultimately calls for abolishment of the slave trade in the British empire forever. Even after the bill is passed, Wilberforce continues to fight slavery throughout the world. Finally many years later, abolition of slave trade of all kinds is

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