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t6 INFRASTRUCTURE FOR STUDY AND MANAGEMENT OF NATURAL DISASTERS Pdicy Severalcountries in the region have developeda policy framework to cope with natural disasters.The policy of the Bangladeshgovernment is to mitigate the sufferingsof the affectedpeople by taking adequatemeasuresfor rescue, evacuation"shelter, first ai4 treatment relief and rehabilitation within its limited resources. No measures are undertakenfor prevention of natural disasters,exceptfor repairs to embankments the Water DevelopmentBoard. by A few measurosto prepare the nation to face floods and cyclones havebeen taken up which include raising the banks of ponds and grounds of educationalinstitutions, commrrnitycentresand market placesaboveflood level, which are used as flood shelterswhen necessar',; construction of 185helipads at upezilx level to facilitate quick transportation of relief goods; dredging of severalrivers; construction of D8 cycloneshelters and 157 earthen mounds (killas) for shelter of affected people and cattle; and the establishmentof a warning s),stemfor floods anf cyclones.During a disaster, relief supplies are given both in cash and kind like wheat, rice, cooked food, clothes and other essential Rehabilitationmeasures being taken in the form of a specialtest relief progr:rmme. commodities. are In India the basic policy for disastermanagement restswith the affectedstate governments.However, dependingon the gravity of the situation, the central governmentprovidesrelief, both financial and physical.Where the expenditure on relief is likely to exceedthe margin moneydetermined a state,the stategovernment for submitsa memorandum for central assistance the central nelief commissioner. to On receipt of the memorandum,the Department of Agriculture and Cooperation arrangesfor the constitution of a central te2m to assess damageto life, property, the crops and livestock.The central

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