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March 26, 2006 3:59am, this is the best day of my life. “It’s a girl,” the doctor says as I reach up to grip her and hold her into my arms. All the joy I am feeling can’t even compare to the days I have had before. As I hold her here in my arms, I know she is a blessing from God. However, I did not know that within this blessing came a blessing in disguise. How was I to know that having a child would put me in the right path to graduating? September 2003, freshmen year of high school. Oh am I excited for school to start! I woke up hopped out of bed and into a hot shower, put on my brand new jeans, shirt and shoes ready to hit the door and go to school. The sun is out and all I could think about is who? I wander who’s there? What kind of clothes are they wearing? And if there’s any cute boy’s? The bell rings it’s time for my first class. I look at my schedule to see were my first class is “room 209 pre-algebra’. I walk in to the room late. The teacher is going on and on about something I don’t know. I look around the room and see whose there. There goes Nikko a friend of mine who I seem to have a crush on. I go over to set by him, we talk the whole class not listening to what the teacher has to say. I did this for every class I had, for weeks. It was like all I was at school for was the lunch where I didn’t eat just talk to my friends an try to fit in. Not listening in class turned into not going to class, I would show up for school but not go to classes. Then it was October 15,2003 before I know it. Today is the we start our Ohio Graduation testing. I believe today is math. Walking into the room which every ones last name started with T-V. I sit in my seat, which was already assigned to me and waited to take my test . Ms. Write ,the school Liberian hands me a number two pencil and a test book. She reads us the directions out loud then says, “Go” With my

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