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I am amazing, because I am capable of doing things I wouldn't deem as possible. I try my best to surpass my goals just so I can bask in the glory of my success. Waking up every morning with a new outlook on life, I break new boundaries throughout the day and make things happen. I'm able to juggle a school life, family life, and social life, and that alone is one of the hardest things girls my age struggle in doing. I am beautiful because I don't base my self imagine on my exterior. I am beautiful from the outside within. I value who a person really is as opposed to the person or image in which they lead the world to perceive. To get down to the bottom of myself has taken a while, since my whole life has been a journey of figuring out who I am, but what I've came to find about myself is that may come across the wrong way at my first impressions on people. Aside from that, people tend to grow found of me, once they notice what a beautiful person I am, and the unconditional love that I'm willing to offer. I am worthy because I try every day to be someone who be be benefits my society. I give my life purpose, and try to help those who haven't found their purpose be progressive towards figuring it out. I give my life meaning, and get through the hard times by finding the most pleasure in the simplest of things. I have accepted myself as the person I truly am, and have learned that with an open heart, anyone can be worthy of anything. I am somebody because I wake up every morning with a purpose to become better. Learning from my mistakes, I try to not repeat past and just progress more with each passing day. The struggle to make a name out of myself is really hard, but I want to be somebody who stands out amongst a crowd for the right reasons. I want to be someone memorable, who is looked upon as a role model, and work towards making this a reality all the time

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