Amaricans Have Faced Many Distasters Essay

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American has faced many disasters since birth. Since 1776 America has dealt with wars that have divided our country and wars have divided the world. As well the U.S. has dealt with severe national disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and Tsunamis’. In the last twenty years three crisis have shaped the nation as we know it. Rodney King, 9-11 and hurricane Katrina were disasters that effected America in both similar and different ways. Racism has played a big part in Rodney King, Hurricane Katrina, The terrorist attack of 9-11. The way racism was involved in the epidemic of Rodney King is all of the cops which were white and King was black. In hurricane Katrina racism played a part because supposedly the government blew up the levees that held back the water. The lower ninth ward which was a mainly black neighborhood would flood instead of the richer white neighborhood flooding. I n 9-11 the terrorist was racist against Americans by performing an act of terrorism. Second all three of these disasters were caused either naturally or unnaturally meaning man made. Rodney King was an unnatural disaster because all the white police officers beat him for no reason. Hurricane Katrina was a natural disaster because the weather caused what happened. 9-11 was also an unnatural disaster because the terrorist who crashed the planes did it knowingly. Last many people have died because of these disasters. In the Rodney King disaster fifteen innocent men died. Hurricane Katrina took many lives and in 9-11over 3000 people died including many police, fire fighters and hundreds of innocent people. That is how Rodney King, hurricane Katrina, and 9-11 have all impacted America in huge ways. The U.S. rose above and is better for having survived such

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