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Yosr Gamal Miss Lynn English April 18, 2013 Bullying victims Teen suicide is a major issue in today’s society. Teen suicide has been the topic of numerous news headlines. Many of these victims were Amanda Todd, Tyler Clementi, Olivia Penpraze, Rehtaeha Parsons and many more that ended their own lives because of bullying. Bullying usually starts off as teasing but then turns into continuous teasing and mocking. According to WHO, someone around the globe commits suicide every forty seconds. Amanda Todd and Tyler Clementi both committed suicide because of bullying and cyber bullying. Amanda Todd was born on November 27, 1996 in British Columbia, Canada, Tyler Clementi was born on December 19, 1991 in Ridgewood, New Jersey, United States.…show more content…
Amanda Todd committed suicide because she was bullied, cyber bullied, suffered major depression, anxiety, panic disorder, anorexia, Tyler Clementi committed suicide for he was bullied and cyber bullied. Amanda Todd committed suicide and died on October 10, 2012, Tyler Clementi committed suicide on September 22, 2010. Amanda Todd died in British Columbia, Canada, Tyler Clementi died in New York City, New York, U.S and he was 18 years old when he committed suicide. In the United States, suicide is currently the eighth leading cause of death for Americans, and for young adults between the ages of 15 and 24, suicide is the third leading cause of death. Amanda Todd's story is more popular than Tyler clementi's story Amanda Todd was the girl who was cyber bullied and then committed suicide. She used to meet and talk to new people, and then a guy kept telling her that she was stunning and perfect and beautiful, etc. then asked her to flash for him and she did. The guy then threatened to send her picture to everyone unless she put on a "show" for him, then he sent her picture to everyone. She suffered anxiety, major depression,…show more content…
Tyler's story started at college. Tyler was gay, and had just begun sharing this part of himself with the people he was close to during the summer after his high school graduation, after graduating high school, Tyler attended Rutgers University where he was excited to learn, grow and have the freedom to live openly as a gay man, but things didn't go as planned; Tyler became a victim of cyber-bullying. His privacy was invaded when his college roommate set up a webcam to spy on him. The roommate viewed him in an intimate act, and invited others to view this online. Tyler discovered what his abuser had done and that he was planning a second attempt. Viewing his roommate’s Twitter feed, Tyler learned he had widely become a topic of ridicule in his new social environment. He ended his life several days later by jumping off the George Washington Bridge. Tyler was eighteen years old. Both Amanda Todd and Tyler Clementi and many more were the victims of cruel, heartless people called bullies. They were bullied to death, and didn't get the chance to live and enjoy life like normal people or in this case normal teenagers. They lost hope in living, their friends gave up on them, people started

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