Aman for All Season Essay

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A Man for All Seasons, a play written by Robert Bolt, retells the historic events surroundingSir Thomas More, the Chancellor of England who remained silent regarding Henry VIII's divorce. Because More would not take an oath which essentially endorsed the king's separation from the church in Rome, the Chancellor was imprisoned, tried, and eventually executed. Throughout the drama, More is forthright, witty, contemplative, and honest. Some might argue that he is too honest. He follows his conscience all the way to the chopping block. Find plays and monologues on your terms- cast size, runtime and more. The Basic Plot: Shortly after the death of Cardinal Wolsey, Sir Thomas Moore, a wealthy lawyer and loyal subject of King Henry VIII, accepts the title of Chancellor of England. With that honor comes an expectation. The King expects More to sanction the divorce and his subsequent marriage to Anne Boleyn. More is caught between his obligations to the crown, his family, and the tenants of the church. Open disapproval would be an act of treason. Public approval would defy his religious beliefs. Therefore, More chooses silence, hoping that by staying quiet he can maintain his honesty and avoid the executioner as well. Unfortunately, ambitious men such as Thomas Cromwell are more than happy to see More crumble. By treacherous and dishonest means, Cromwell manipulates the court system, stripping More of his title, wealth, and freedom. The Character of Sir Thomas More: When writing an essay about a literary work, students would be wise to analyze the character arc of the protagonist. Most main characters undergo a transformation. However, one could argue that Thomas Moore, the man who remains consistent throughout the seasons (in good times and bad), does not change. If you are looking for an essay topic in response to A Man for All Seasons, consider this question: Is
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