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Communication is very important, according to some communication theories it’s clear to say that whether it be verbal or nonverbal, the theories are very relevant to each other. In an organization nonverbal communication is just as important as verbal communication. The reason being is that whichever organization you’re in, professionalism is a key to success; therefore you’re verbal and nonverbal communication should be professional as well. A nonverbal communication these days is becoming every organizations tool. For example, an organization of which hundred employees are employed, there are different departments within the organization, one can easily “email or text” the recipient for which ever reason it may be. However, since this is a organization and could certainly not be your friend, it is important for one to still be as polite and professional as they would be if they were contacting the person through “verbal communication”. Nonverbal communication shows a lot about the person, face expressions, gestures and body language, is essential to success in the organization. A person on average communicates more non-verbally then verbally, the reason being is that sometimes without literally speaking one can be seen of what the other person is trying to get across through their actions and expressions. As a communication tool, email has so many benefits. Email messages can be quickly written, edited, and stored. They can be distributed to one person or thousands with a click of mouse. There are some drawbacks of emails like misinterpreting the messages, communicating negative message, time-consuming nature of email, email emotions, and privacy

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