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Alternatives Alternatives 1: Employee involvement in decision making by holding team building activities and team meetings Pro: • Get employee to identify their problems and solutions, developing a mission or vision for laboratories • Team building activities can help employees work better with each other • Provide employees with the opportunity to participate in the resolution of workplace problems and signal management’s desire to create a more functional work unit Cons: • Employees lost trust on management due to their initial input for the restructuring end up discarded by senior management. • The new system separated employees from their original work group and employees may not want to open-up to each other. • Current manager might not have skills to facilitate this meeting and team building session. Alternatives 2: Change management strategies to increase employee’s sense of engagement and involvement Pros: • This strategy seeks to shift the burden of change from management and the organization to the people. It exploits their natural adaptive nature and avoids the many complications associated with trying to change people or their culture. • Help identify and implement specific measures that employees could take to become more engaged in their work. • Each team could communicate directly with a client group and identify their special needs to enhance their connection with their clients and each other. • Employees can increase their level of pride in their work and the service provided to clients Cons • It removes the control of the resolution of the laboratory’s problems from the manager and he might be unwilling to give up the control. • It may fail if employees are uncooperative and they are not flexibility in considering different work arrangements Alternatives 3: Reduce organizational cultures and improve the

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