Amadeus - Mediocrity Compared To Genius

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The story was known as ‘Amadeus’, which is referring to Mozart. Naming the story after him would certainly make one think that he is the central figure of the story. The story was called ‘Amadeus’ and not ‘Mozart’ of ‘Wolfgang’ (which are names he is referred to in the book) because of the connotative meaning of the name "Amadeus", which means "Loved by God" in Latin. It fits the story well, as religion is a theme in the story as well. Salieri was convinced that Mozart was indeed loved by God and was God’s chosen one over him because of Mozart’s brilliance in music, making Salieri think of himself as ordinary and mediocre. Salieri was highly affected by being ‘mediocre’ compared to Mozart, even as he ages to an old man in a wheelchair. But, there’s still a downfall for all geniuses. In the story, Salieri is always the proper courtier. He worked really hard at both his music (which he hoped had pleased God) and also his political skills until he reached where he wanted to be. At sixteen years of age, Salieri made a bargain with God to make him become a famous composer. The exchange of the deal was to live life in virtue, help other composers and to honour God through his music forever. (Salieri: “Signore, let me be a composer! Grant me sufficient fame to enjoy it. In return I will live with virtue. I will strive to better the lot of my fellows. And I will honour You with much music all the days of my life!” As I said Amen, I saw His eyes flare.) The next day, a family friend had appeared and sponsored Salieri’s tuition in Vienna. Soon afterwards, Salieri had even met the Emperor who had seemed to like Salieri’s work. Everything had been going all good, and Salieri had misinterpreted this to show that God had accepted his bargain. The only thing that Salieri desired is fame and recognition as a composer; it’s all he had wanted his whole life. When he finds out

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