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Who am I? What am I? I am an sixteen-year-old student at Santa Rosa Science and Technology High School. I am female and I am “morena”. These things are very obvious, but I am not necessarily what I appear. I strive to not be the stereotype, as long as it is within reason. I seem very shy and quiet at first as well, until you get to know me. I have been told that on the first look most people think that I am a “bitch,” stuck up, not very nice. I do not generally waste my time on trying to change people’s opinions of me; if they are around me more they will find that I am not that bad. They realize that what they took for rudeness was actually just me being shy and trying not to offend them or something. To quote one of my friends “once you get passed the bitchiness you’re actually alright.” It also seems to irk people that I do not talk more. I am more of a listener and go by the rule that if you do not have anything to say and the person does not seem interested in what you do have to say, do not say anything, nice or otherwise. I do not like to bore people with constant ramblings about things they do not want to hear about. As for my being female, I do not know what to think about that really. I am not very girly, except for those few times when I want to feel “pretty”. Clothes, makeup, hair styles, those things are farthest from my mind most of the time. I like videogames and basketball. I do not think of myself as a guy, though tomboy sometimes. I have no way to explain how I view myself. I just, am. I do not see a point in playing the homemaker, I have my own dreams and that is not one of them. That might seem a bit odd but I know that even if I do not get married and have children there are enough people in this world that want to do those things. Society will not suffer because I did not play that role. Of course, I am also morena,

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