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I am old, very old. My power and strength comes with the passing of many years through which man learns and understands principles and philosophies never before comprehensible. I am above intelligence. The goal of all education. I am like a king, with a crown, shimmering with depth and virtue. I sit on the throne of eternity, for none is worthy to be my predecessor. I am not easy to grasp. Some may ride my coat tails, others may follow close behind, but to walk arm and arm, side by side with me is like becoming one with the universe. I can often be overlooked. Discarded by a surplus of young minds who can mistake me for foolish thoughts and boring lectures. Disrespected by a constantly progressing world, that has lost its reverence for me. If only the entire world as a whole could understand my power. I could erase poverty, disease, war, and many other plagues of this blue sphere of confusion we call earth, as if they were stray pencil marks on a piece of paper. I am the fire that gave Dr. Martin Luther King the ability to make the many thunderous speeches that captivated the minds of the world. But I am also the gentle dove that gave Dr. King the insight to make his greatest impact on hatred and racism by way of peace and not war. I am the hand that guided Mandela through the Hell of Apartheid. I am the arms that embraced him and gave him the courage and patience to continue to fight for equality in South Africa after he spent twenty seven (27) years in prison. It is sad to say that I am obscure in the eyes of many and lucid in the eyes of few. But all I can hope for is that my seed be planted in the minds of every body and soul possible, so that it may grow into an ivory tower of beauty, love, power and peace!! Forever Young Like the journey of the rose, From bud to blossom, Beauty is your entire existence. It is the life you chose From mountain's peak to

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