Am I Really Talking to Her? Essay

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Jeren Southall Leah O’Dooly Narrative essay AM I REALLY TALKING TO HER Long, blond hair flowing like a cape behind her, and the most perfect, blue eye that went right along with her cute face. Jamie Sanders was a beautiful girl that I had fallen in love with on my first day at James Far-wood School. My relationship with Jamie was very good, it was me that was in love and it was me that was wishing she would love me back. I was a dark haired boy, one of the few six footers on our schools basketball team, on the back of my jersey it had a number two and in big letters was my name, Matt Jones. Our basketball team was one of the best team in this season, everyone was saying I was the best on the team but I knew that Jake Peterson was a whole lot better than me. Jake was my best friend ever since kindergarten, he was a dirty blond haired kid with blue eyes he stood about five inches over me and was more of a ladies man them I could ever be. Jake was going steady with a girl named Jessica Miller, according to me; Jessica was the second cute girl at school right behind Jamie. Jessica had long black hair, perfect collared eyes and the kind of face that anyone would die for. Jessica was very popular, not only because she dated Jake, it was because she was the head cheerleader on the cheerleading team. It was Monday, the longest day of school, I would always tell myself if i could make it passed Monday then Friday would come soon. But today was ever harder, tonight we had the third game of our basketball season and our couches worked us extra hard only to put me and Jake on the bench during the games as if he wanted us to lose. As I walked down the hallways to my locker after practice I noticed that the halls were empty, this was unusual, it was almost one o'clock and there was not a teen insight. Where was everyone? The

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