Am I Proud Of My Country Essay

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Am I Proud of My Country? There are many reasons why I am so proud of my country America. It is almost impossible to list all of the reasons, but I am very delighted to list some of those reasons. America is a country where we can bare arms; our second amendment still is alive and well. The fact that I can go to a public place to express my opinion, and openly criticize the government is one of the reasons I love it. No one in a black van is going to pick me up and send me to a "re-learning facility.” Sometimes I feel that the citizens of this country take for granted the freedom that we have, and I always feel like I should remind them that even the worst-off American has it better off than most of the countries in the world. America is a land of such magnificent diversity, from spectacular desert landscapes to breathtaking mountain systems. We took the time to preserve landscapes such as the Hoover Dam, Yellowstone Park, the Grand Canyon, Williamsburg, and Philadelphia Liberty Bell just to name a few. You can get so many diverse foods here unlike other countries from Greek gyros, Indian curry, soul food, barbeque, and lets not forget good American apple pie. America is a melting pot with a strong defense system which affords us the right to walk around freely without worrying about a country’s military occupying our land. We have a naval ship called the Comfort which helps people in need all around the world. America is always the first country to assist any natural disasters around the globe. America is “beautiful”. I also love the cheap gas prices, have you seen prices in Germany and other countries abroad? Our food is also cheaper than most countries. We have the best beaches from coast to coast. Most importantly, my country is united together, but divided we will all fall. These are all of my reasons that I am extremely proud of my noble country I call

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