Am I Lucky? Essay

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if someone comes out of nowhere and asks me if i think i am lucky or not, my first reaction would be saying no. my family isnt rich, we dont own a big house and a good car. I am the youngest in my family, which means that i dont usually get the respect that i deserve. i am expected to achieve many things that i dont care about. Such as, participating in the incentive program, or getting good grades. i am not lucky compared to all of my friends. They always get what they want and they're always having fun. However, if i really think about it, i think im lucky. I am lucky to get an education. i am lucky to be born in a time where all genders have equal right. to have the freedom of speech and to have my own opinions. Most of all, i am lucky to be born in a place where i am loved by my friends and my family. Although my parents and my siblings can be really annoying, they were always there to support me when i need them. For example, afew years ago i had to play my violin infront of hundreds of people. I thought only my parents would be there, but right before i started playing, i saw my whole family sitting in the front row waving and cheering for me. after i saw them , i felt relaxed and confident in myself, and i did a really good job. Being lucky isnt always about getting materialistic items, or living in a mansion. Its about having people who love and care about you, and friends who will support you all the way. i may not have verything that i want, but i think i am lucky enough to have my friends and my

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