Alyce's Case: A Summary And Review

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A shipment was delivered to Enrico’s Italian Restaurant on a warm summer day. Alyce, who was in charge of receiving, began inspecting the shipment. First, she inspected the bags of frozen shrimp. Alyce noticed the ice crystals inside the bags and took that as a good sign that the shrimp were still frozen. Next she used a thermometer to test the temperature of the vacuum packed packages of ground beef, which was 40° F (4° C). Then Alyce used the same thermometer to measure the temperature of the fresh salmon. The salmon was on ice, although it seemed as though much of the ice had melted. The internal temperature of the salmon was 43° F (6° C), and the flesh sprung back after she touched it. She accepted the ground beef and the salmon and…show more content…
First, she carried the bags of shrimp to the freezer. She wondered who had left the freezer without making sure the door was completely shut. Alyce then loaded a case of sour cream on the dolly and wheeled it over to the reach-in cooler. When she opened the cooler, she noticed that it was tightly packed. However, she was able to squeeze the case into a spot on the top shelf. Next, she wheeled several cases of fresh ground beef and the fresh salmon over to the walk-in cooler. She noticed that the readout on the outside of the cooler indicated 39° F (4° C). Alyce pushed through the cold curtains and bumped into a stockpot of soup as she moved inside. She moved the soup over and made a space next to the door for the ground beef. She was able to put the salmon on the shelf above the soup. Alyce said hello to Mary, who had just cleaned the shelving in the unit and was lining it with new aluminum foil. Alyce returned to the receiving area and loaded several cases of pasta on the dolly. She was sweating as she stacked the boxes on the shelf in dry storage and gave a quick glance at the thermometer in the dry- storage room, which read 85° F (29° C). When she was finished stacking the boxes, Alyce returned the dolly to the receiving

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