Always Telling the Truth Is the Most Important Consideration in Any Relationship Essay

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Is telling the truth the most important consideration in any relationship? Is it necessary that people should tell the truth all the time? The answer to these questions are both no and yes. However, according to my own personal experience about relationship, I do agree that honesty is one of the most important elements to help relationship last long. This way, in a relationship between couples, families or friends it is necessary that there should not be any secret, one should never lie or hide things that happened or things they have done, and that is what makes relationship beautiful. When two people begin to know each other, either as a friend or lover, it is necessarily for them to tell the truth about them selves, which means there should not be any lies or secrets in order to get to know each other better. There should not be anything remains unspoken; all of the good things and bad things should be shared. This way, two people will be able to decide if the other person is acceptable and so, there would not be any problem when they started hanging out. Likewise, in the kind of relationship such as family, one should not hesitate telling every fact about everything including the bad facts. When one committed on doing bad things or even if anything bad happened to them, they should be able to share it to their family and so everyone will be able to help them find their solution because two heads are better than one right? So to conclude, one should never lie, hide secrets or keep problems to them self because all that does is ruin their relationship. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, telling the truth is what keeps the relationship stable, but some people might ask, should not we lie in some cases? Well, the answer is most likely to be yes, but from my personal experience, I do not think so. I think love is all about honesty and no matter how harsh

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