Always Running Chapters Analysis

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Chapter 1 “Cry, child, for those without tears have a grief that never ends.”-Mexican Saying. This quote explains why Luis wrote this book, it was his way of letting out his emotions. When Luis lived in Mexico his father had many jobs and always kept getting different new jobs so they came to the United States for a better life but his mother did not want to stay unlike his father because his family was really poor in Mexico and they were better off here. It was very difficult for Luis’ family to get money and as a result they were always moving and welfare had to get them a house because they were poor. Also, since Luis’ parents had split up Luis was with his mother and she took him and his siblings to the park and there was a white lady that yelled mean things at them because they were Mexican and Luis’ mother could not respond because she knew very little English and had to leave. Just like Luis’ family many other immigrant families had to go through the same thing and sometimes felt like going back to Mexico. Also, most Mexicans did not have enough money to keep a home and were always moving. In addition, Mexicans did not know English and were discriminated for that and for being what they are. Life for an immigrant in Los Angeles was hard because they did not have money. Chapter 2 “If you ain’t from no barrio, then you ain’t born.”- a 10 year old boy from South San Gabriel. This quote means that everyone in the barrio, goes through different things than others. When Luis’ family got a home from the welfare it was really small and they had to share it with the whole family and there was not much room for everyone. Also, when he was at school a gang came in and shot the school up and Luis started his gang with his friends to be like them. When Luis was with his friend Tino they trespassed into a basketball court in the dark and the cops came and spotted
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