Always Running By Annie Dillard Analysis

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Present perspectives of every past memory brings a smile to the face, a hushed peaceful chuckle, or a distant frown, it unwraps emotions that bring forth excitement and sorrow. Millions of people have experienced events that help shape lives such as an exciting situation or a horrific event. Occurring episodes help lead numerous numbers of people to cherish every memory of existence and to remember the beautiful feeling of childhood. “An American Childhood” by Annie Dillard and “Always Running” by Luis J. Rodriguez are both excellent narratives that depict a childhood memory of breaking the rules and being chased by adults. These two essays are great examples of a past experiences that produce previous emotions of a situation. Both essays are…show more content…
The important strategies that she uses are identification, surprise, and the use of emphasizing action verbs. She lets us know her point of view. Dillard expresses surprise from the beginning to the end; for example, the man gets out of the car and starts chasing the kids and then continues to chase them beyond the point most reasonable people would do so, there is no knowing what the man is simply capable of doing. “We all spread out, banged together some regular snowballs, took aim, and, when the Buick drew nigh, fired” (16) her use of action verbs in sentences are very detailed, they describe vividly a series of actions. Naming and detailing help paint a picture for the readers, making them aware of the surroundings, as if the reader had experienced the same childhood memory. The combinations of the sentences are structured to give every detail, binding every small piece of information together, with the use of many commas to separate the many elements given. On the other hand, “Always Running” is not so much detailed as Dillard’s. The use of descriptive strategies draws the readers in differently, creating dominant impressions that enable the readers to imagine what the significance was like for the author. “We stopped in front of a chain-linked fence which surrounded the school. An old brick………on the other…show more content…
The sentence structure and the details inform us of a memory that we all have inside us all. One that is kept very close to the heart is priceless and accessible any time of day, which reminds the reader of the time they spent with their loved ones, the trouble and the passion of the certain event. The lessons and the impacts a memory can have is very crucial in a lifetime, it can shape the views of the world and people. They focus on memories that help many humans get through life, people depend on memories to help make better future decisions than they did in the past. Most important of all is that every human has their own views on their very own special memory that has shaped their lives, they cannot be judged by others who have not experienced the memory with them. A memory should be

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