Alumina Case Paper MBA560-Legal

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Running head: ALUMINA CASE PAPER Alumina Case Paper University of Phoenix, MBA/560 Alumina Case Paper In any organization, a company must place importance on upholding all the local, state, and federal laws. This is especially important for publicly held companies like Alumina, which must also comply with EPA laws. When a company grows to a certain size, they are very easily attacked by people who see deep pockets and an easy target. In Alumina’s case, there is a woman with a sick daughter that has leukemia. This mother is blaming Alumina for her daughters’ condition. This woman has made public threats to Alumina on that basis that even though their factor emissions are within EPA tolerances, they still have a responsibility for the well being of their neighborhood. One of the things a large company like Alumina must do is conform to EPA rulings. The EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency, is a federal agency which has set up standards that it believes to be within the safety limits so that people do not get hurt by either living nearby, or drinking from a water source that has come into contact with the plant emissions. In this scenario, Alumina has had plant waste going into the local lake. The mother has multiple options open to her, but she has chosen to take the vocal route, establishing her opinion to the local newspapers of the supposed violations that Alumina has contaminated the local lake. Two areas of note that were not brought up in detail in the simulation were the aspects of apriori, and property. The first, apriori, means to learn about what has come before. In this case, it refers to the levels of contaminants that Alumina had been putting into the lake 10 years previously. However, at that time, the EPA had not yet set the safety levels, so the question that arises is whether or not Alumina can be held accountable for adverse affects

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