Altruism In War

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Altruism in War The cause is always bigger than the individual. Some understand this, for most it does not matter. The people that do understand this are called Heroes; they are a great example of Altruism. Altruism is a trait that an individual who puts the cause before his personal life posses. War is a scratch on the forehead of humanity. It is a permanent stain on the fabric of peace and innocence but ironically it also created heroes. Altrurism is displayed often by soldiers, doctors and citizens during such time but only few standouts. Henry Dunant, the founder of Red Cross movement would be prime example of Altruism during war. He gathered locals involved in the battle to treat the soldiers without any discrimination. Through his efforts he saved millions of lives. Similarly Anton Boll from The Ash Garden has showed a great magnitude of altruism through his perseverance, ambition and contribution to the nuclear bomb along with Dr. Sasaki from the novel Hiroshima who showed extreme dedication to his job during these times of crisis of Hiroshima bombings. An altruist is caring. The trait that sounds very normal for and ordinary person is extremely important for an altruist. The character of Anton Boll has seemed to be very ambitious and dark hearted in the book. The author has portrayed his character as a closed minded scientist who could got to any extent to justify the Nuclear bombings and Anuj Page 2 6/2/2009 his contribution to it. However, it is not true. Like every one he is just a victim of the circumstance. Other than that he is a kind hearted, caring and ordinary man. He is caring towards everyone around him. It is quite evident from the following quote “He turned to one of the older boys who had gathered around and told him to run across the street and have Mrs.McKaw phone for someone to come from the hospital, to say that a girl had broken
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