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Pay It Forward Todd Pernell PSY/490 January 30, 2012 Stephanie J. Towns, M.S. Pay It Forward My act of kindness was to buy socks for an adolescent boy at the mental health hospital where I work. He came to the hospital from the detention center with dirty clothes and no socks to wear. This act of kindness made me feel good because it was helping someone in need and expecting nothing in return. Altruism is the simple act of giving to help those in need and expecting nothing in return (Coon, 1997). However, personal, professional, and social responsibility is the process of helping a variety of people with benefits to improve the entire society. Codependency is a behavioral and emotional condition in which individuals with low-self esteem attempt to find peace of mind by helping others. Altruism is very rare because people often give expecting something in return (Trivers, 1971). Personal, professional, and social responsibility is performing deeds for a reputation and not for altruism. Codependency is acting only to meet the reciprocal needs of the receiver and not done for altruism. Psychological principles are in place to help individuals identify, stimulate, socialize, and understand human behavior. Psychological professionals strive to support, understand, and provide quality patient care. However, this is not done for altruism alone, but for profit, and personal agenda. In our society today altruist behavior in the psychological community is quite rare. Altruism helps improve human condition by helping those in need. The child who I bought the socks for was happy and very grateful. His smile made me feel very good and happy. Altruism helps both sides the giver and receive and will someday inspire the recipient to help others (Berkowitz & Daniels, 1964). I believe the limits to altruism is giving when an individuals needs just as

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