Alton Logan Case Analysis

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In today’s society people are quick to judge and ridicule a persons morals and ethics. There’s many debates on what is considered to be right and wrong for society. Dale Coventry and Jamie Kunz where two attorneys who both faced the agony of holding a great life altering moral secret for 26 years that today is a great source of controversy. Both attorneys knew of a man by the name of Alton Logan who was innocent before he even faced trail but neither attorney could speak up and help to save this innocent man from being imprisoned. If the two would have come forward they would have violated there professional obligations to their client. Alton Logan was accused and later found guilty of murdering a security guard at a local McDonalds. The day of the trail three different people claimed to be an eyewitness to this murder and pointed out Logan as the killer. Also the day of the trail Logan’s brother and mother both…show more content…
When it comes to the Alton Logan case there is an automatic red flag thrown up on the attorneys decision to remain silent and a lot of critical comments are being thrown toward the attorneys because most of us find this silence by the attorneys to be unacceptable and very unmoral. When we start to read the details of this case we could easily begin saying that the two lawyers who represented Andrew Wislon should have spoke up and that saving an innocent man was more important than the attorney-client privilege law but then again it is easy to argue that the lawyers did the right thing by not breaking the attorney- client privilege law and if you’re willing to keep an open mind and try and see where these two lawyers are coming from in this moral decision they made, you might be swayed a different direction or at least understand the attorneys decision a little
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