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Altic Essay

  • Submitted by: Silvis777
  • on January 9, 2011
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CSI:   Jack the ripper case!

Mary ann nicholes.
August 26, 1845, At the time of her death guessed her age at 30-35, 5'2" tall; brown eyes; dark complexion; brown hair turning grey; five front teeth missing, teeth discoloured, has a small scar on her forehead from a childhood injury.

Annie chapman.
September 1841, Annie married John Chapman, a coachman, on May 1, 1869. She was 28 at the time of her marriage, 5' tall, 47 years old at time of death, blue eyes, dark brown wavy hair.

  Elizibeth stride.
Elizabeth Stride was born   November 27, 1843 on a farm,   At the time of her death she was 45 years old.   light gray eyes and had curly dark brown hair. All the teeth in her lower left jaw were missing and she stood five foot five inches tall.

Catherine eddowes.
Catherine Eddowes a.k.a. Kate Kelly, is born on April 14, 1842. At the time of her death she is 5 feet tall, has hazel eyes and dark auburn hair. She has a tattoo in blue ink on her left forearm "TC." Friends spoke of Catherine as an intelligen woman but one   of a fierce temper.

  Mary jane Kelly.
Mary Jane Kelly was approximately 25 years old at the time of her death which would mean she was born in 1863, was 5' 7" tall and stout. She had blonde hair, blue eyes. She was torn to shreads, and was by far, the most horrific murder.

All these victims, were infact prostitutes, all married at some point, and some in a going relationship, “JACK THE RIPPER” was known to see prostitutes as “unwealthy”, “dirty”, “useless”, and “a waste of London”, next we go onto looking at some of the top suspects for “JACK THE RIPPER”.

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  • Submitted by: Silvis777
  • on January 9, 2011
  • Category: Arts and Music
  • Length: 298 words
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