Alternative Medicine vs Western Medicine

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Latoya Shaw English 1101/20815 Paul Carroll September 23, 2012 Is alternative medicine a better option than western medicine? I think that alternative medicine is a better option than western medicine because it has been around longer and seems to be more effective than western medicine. These are the two forms of medicine that we use today, western medicine and alternative medicine. Western medicine is the science of healing people and Alternative medicine is a range of therapies that are not used in conventional medicine. Some may argue that alternative medicine is better than western medicine because it deals with using natural remedies. Some may also argue that western medicine is the best way to go since it remedies relies on scientific research. Here are some examples of alternative medicine acupuncture message therapy and naturopathic medicine. (Alex Genadinik) This paper discusses the historical background of alternative medicine and western medicine, or an analysis of both medicines and the cost associated with both medicines. Alternative medicine has been around for centuries it goes back further than western medicine. Western medicine was first discovered by Hippocrates in 4 BC, the practice of western medicine has improved over the years relying more on scientific procedures. In alternative medicine there are no trained doctors. This practice is based on instincts it may be based on historical or cultural traditions, rather than on scientific evidence. Acupuncture is the insertion of thin, stainless steel needles into the skin at specific locations (channels or acupoints) to affect the flow of (energy) in the body. Releasing blockages of energy flow facilitates symptom relief and healing of illnesses. Massage therapy is a wide variety of physical manipulative techniques designed to promote relaxation, thereby treating conditions exacerbated
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